Maria Mónica


- Exhibition & Music Session  - 

If multitasking isn’t Maria Monica's favourite word, it is certainly the one that describes her best, and also the word that best explains the journey of someone who works with such commitment and passion areas as diverse as graphic design, audiovisual, screen printing, illustration and music.

But let's focus on the last two trades, as they were the ones that brought this curious artist to the Daily Day stage. Accompanied by musician Jorge Queixo and her zudzis (illustrated characters), Maria Monica gave a voice to the lyrics that, guess what, are also her own. This musical project created by this creative duo is called "Os Príncipes", and they don’t like it to be defined by a style.

In addition to her latest band, Maria Mónica is the Artistic and Musical co-Director of the Gamelão Ensemble at Casa da Música, and both coordinates and plays the bass in the OGBE orchestra.

Director: Marco Oliveira
Camera Operator: Manuel Costa