GNR, one of the most loved Portuguese bands, selected World Music Day to launch their original theme "Quem?", and chose to wear Daily Day for their music video.
The video clip was recorded in some of the most emblematic places of their city. Porto.

After the album "Black Box", Tóli César Machado and Rui Reininho compose the new single, produced by Tiago Novo, a.k.a. New Max. 
The creative freedom and mystery that surrounds the almost four decades of the Portuguese band, were explored in the music film, directed by Marco Oliveira.

During the 3 minutes and 49 seconds of the song, the actress Mikaela Lupu carries a question mark on the various streets of the city, like a symbol of the indecisions and weight we carry in our Daily Day. Highlights include the old 'Brasilia' shopping center, the 'Cordoaria' Gardens, the 'Silo Auto' parking lot, and the Oporto Night Hostels for homeless people in Porto, points of reference for all the band members.

GNR are a Portuguese pop-rock band that (as the name implies; GNR = Grupo Novo Rock / New Rock Band) introduced a new musical aesthetic in the country, a few years after the April 25th revolution. "Dunas", "A Pronúncia do Norte", "Ana Lee", and "Vídeo Maria", are themes that marked not only the history of the band but also the memory of any generation born in Portugal.
39 years later. Provocative, fearless and timeless.
"Quem" / "Who?" GNR!